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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Nothing more to see here....
I've setup my own site elsewhere.
Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Vitamin Myth
Wednesday, March 30, 2005
SPAM! {very urgent please.}
Some spam I got in my inbox today.

Dear Dr,

I am Mrs. SUHA ARAFAT, the wife of YASSER ARAFAT, the
Palestinian leader who died recently in Paris. Since
his death and even prior to the announcement, I have
been thrown into a state of antagonism, confusion,
humiliation,frustration and hopelessness by the
present leadership of the Palestinian Liberation
Organization and the new Prime Minister. I have even
been subjected to physical and psychological torture.
As a widow that is so traumatized, I have lost
confidence with everybody in the country at the

You must have heard over the media reports and the
Internet on the discovery of some fund in my husband
secret bank account and companies and the allegations
of some huge sums of money deposited by my husband in
my name of which I have refuses to disclose or give up
to the corrupt Palestine Government.

In fact the total sum allegedly discovered by the
Government so far is in the tune of about $6.5 Billion
Dollars. And they are not relenting on their effort to
make me poor for life. As you know, the Moslem
community has no regards for woman, more importantly when
the woman is from a christian background, hence my desire
for a foreign assistance.

I have deposited the sum of $21 million dollars with a
Financial firm in Europe whose name is withheld for
now until we open communication.

I shall be grateful if you could receive this fund
into your bank account for safe keeping and any
Investment opportunity. This arrangement will be known
to you and I alone and all our correspondence should
be strictly on email alone because our government has
tapped all my lines and are monitoring all my moves.

In view of the above, if you are willing to assist for
our mutual benefits, we will have to negotiate on your
Percentage share of the $21,000,000 that will be kept
in your position for a while and invested in your name
for my trust pending when my Daughter, Zahwa, will
come off age and take full responsibility of her
Family Estate/inheritance.

Please note that this is a golden opportunity that
comes once in life time and more so, if you are
honest, I am going to entrust more funds in your care
as this is one of the legacy we keep for our children.

In case you don't accept please do not let me out to
the security and international media as I am giving
you this information in total trust and confidence I
will greatly appreciate if you accept my proposal in
good faith.

Please expedite action. You can also forward your reply to me through:

I am waiting for your response.

Best regards,

Suha Arafat

Thursday, February 10, 2005
Ron Moore On: Sex in SciFi

A viewer asks:

"I have a friend who has a son and they both enjoy watching the new Battlestar Galactica. But it is a very frustrating thing when he cannot allow his son watch the show when there are sex scenes and constant sexual innuendo scattered throughout the episodes.

The standard of the stories are superb and I would have to say it is one of the finest sci fi series I have seen in a long time. BUT IT DOESNT NEED SEX TO GET THE VIEWERS. Call me a little old fashioned but I nor others that I know really appreciate having to endure sex scenes that really do not further the story in any significant way. In fact I think they are rather pointless."

Ron responds:

First of all, I'm sorry your friend can't watch the show with his son, but I always intended this series to be for adults. I have two small children, and I wouldn't dream of letting them watch the show -- mostly because of the violent content. Second of all, I disagree that the sexuality is intended to be exploitative or that it's somehow not integral to the story. We're presenting adult human beings as adults, and their sexuality is a key part of their lives. Baltar's sexual weaknesses, Sharon & Tyrol's forbidden love affair, and Starbuck's promiscuity are part of who and what they are. I think the only reason this gets the kind of attention is does is that we're not used to seeing sex treated maturely in science fiction -- nine times out of ten, any sex is either something to snigger at or to make fun of. Somehow it's okay to fetishize sex by putting women in S&M leather "space" outfits or have Carrie Fisher run around in harem clothes (not that there's anything wrong with that), but to portray two mature adults simply having sex is somehow controversial in sci-fi circles.

I'd also point out, as I have many times before, the strange standards of American audiences, who can become red-faced with indignation over nudity, but find no problem with slasher films or chains-saw massacres. I mean, Galactica's premised on a massive genocide, and the pilot deals with violent, shocking deaths over and over again, but people get upset about the sex? Weird....
Wednesday, February 02, 2005
RolePlaying Purity Text
Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Score
CategoryYour ScoreAverage
Has conversations in between massacres
Sensitive Roleplaying30.38%
All the game's your stage
GM Experience26.81%
Closer to a novel than to a campaign
Systems Knowledge87.57%
Played in a couple of campaigns
Livin' La Vida Dorka40.23%
Has interesting conversations in public
You are 47.28% pure
Average Score: 68.7%

Monday, January 31, 2005 - Freedom of what? - Jan 31, 2005 - Freedom of what? - Jan 31, 2005: "First Amendment no big deal, students say"

Sad, so sad.
Saturday, January 29, 2005
Knowing God's Mind
Thought of the Day:

Those who assert that they know God's mind or will are either lying or delusional.

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